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About us

SolutionSurfers is an international training organization based in Lucerne, Switzerland, with a network of solution-focused trainers and coaches all over the world.

Over the last 12 years, more than 1500 coaches from several countries have taken our Brief-Coach Training courses in Switzerland (in English, German and French). SolutionSurfers is an international Coach Training Organization. Therefore we offer solution-focused coach training courses in a variety of countries

The Brief Coach Training

SolutionSurfers “Brief Coach Training” is based on clearly structured content with a proven program developed over the last 10 years. Training is delivered exclusively with distinct SF Training Methods to transport ideas and tools of SF Coaching congruently. We believe that congruency between training content and delivery method is a key factor for the uniqueness and success of this training. We therefore support our trainers in the process of learning to "walk their talk".
Our Brief-Coach Training offers a proven alternative to mainstream coaching, enabling both experienced coaches and newcomers to change from the more commonly-used problem-solving paradigm to the brief and effective solutions-focused paradigm. We offer a mix of "face-to-face" and virtual courses leading to certification by the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Our Coach Training courses are delivered by an international faculty. All trainers are experienced Brief-Coaches - experts in using a solutions-focused approach to meet the coaching and training needs of individuals and organisations.

Peter Szabo and Daniel Meier are the founders of Solutionsurfers. Peter has a doctorate in law he holds the ICF's Master Certified Coach certificate (MCC). In his private practice he coaches both individual and corporate clients on management and life issues. Daniel originally trained as a teacher and he has long experience as a manager. Since 2001 he has been coaching managers, teams and organizations in a solution focused way during complex development processes.

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Daniel Meier and Peter Szabo