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Coaching – Plain and Simple
Solution-focused Brief Coaching Essentials

Filled with sample dialogues and a variety of tools and techniques, this pocket guide offers a highly practical and condensed introduction to the principles of solution-focused coaching.

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Coaching – Plain and Simple
This is a book about the essential success factors of being brief and effective as a coach. As opposed to other coaching books, you will find here surprisingly simple and straightforward methods, designed to quickly get to the heart of the matter. This book will enable you to be more relaxed and minimalistic in your coaching, while getting increased feedback from your clients.
Based on the solution-focused techniques of Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer, the authors present an approach to clients that focus on “what might work” rather than “what caused the problem.” By concentrating on building Solutions, rather than analyzing problems, you will be able to help clients make dramatic progress in very little time and maximize the effectiveness of your Coaching conversations.
Filled with sample dialogues based on actual Coaching sessions, and a variety of helpful tools and exercises, readers will find in this book all the necessary tools to implement this refreshingly new and different approach.

“This is a highly practical and condensed introduction to solution-focused coaching. The book offers a simple and clear structure for coaching sessions that is easy to learn.”
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