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Skaleboard for Solutionsurfers

Skaleboard for Solutionsurfers

The Skaleboard® is a tangible tool for coaching and management conversations.  It is an effective support whenever you talk about achievement and change.  Reach your goals and meet your challenges with newfound ease. Use the Skaleboard to surf on forward moving forces towards your target.
The Magnetic board offers 5 scales between 1 to10 and 6 multi-coloured magnets for marking and moving points on the scales. The Skaleboard® comes in an A4 format with an operating manual.


Available in January 2014


CHF 63.00


“With a Skaleboard® it is easy to „surf“ 5 scales simultaneously and thus handle interdependencies in complex issues. The Skaleboard® can be used for all kinds of scales and conversations and users are encouraged to adapt it to their respective situations.”
Kirsten Dierolf





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